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My name is Murray and I’m a designer based in Brisbane, Australia. I have two greyhounds, Raz and Brother. They are such wonderful inspiration. They came into my life through the dedicated team at Gumtree Greys, a greyhound rescue organisation in Australia. You can always find me, my partner and our greyhounds supporting Gumtree Greys on the stall at the markets or out and about on local greyhound walks.

I started designing specifically for greyhound lovers as I could see there were lots of gifts for fans of other popular dog breeds, but us greyhound lovers were only catered for by a handful of artists across the globe.

I hope my colourful designs bring a bit of awareness to re-homing greyhounds who are no longer required in the racing industry. Any greyhound owner will tell you greyhounds are the most affectionate and loving breed – BUT, they are also one of the most quirky breeds out there. I think that is why we, as owners, band together and love sharing our stories of our greys with each other.

I’m always looking for inspiration and love meeting other greyhound fans. Feel free to drop me an email and say “hi” or visit our Facebook page and share your story with me.

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